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Postby steveo » Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:11 pm


Delete earlier version as new mod released 24/1/19
Mod link.!ytUk3IgI!ov6CgQM821rm ... vzQOf9lpBE
Skins .!uwkzkApS!cYA9EWZzhlPh ... lPz18rTfyc
PLP app upated 1/02/19 delete old version and install new version.!KVN1wa4D!ynGRAoEsMZ9q ... fmaWyh8pfM

EVENT :Round 4 : 08/03/19 ADELAIDE!vJEkUS5L!QNzJgJKt1174 ... dc3bnEptuc

8:00 pm NZ time Official Practice 55mins
8:55 pm drivers brief
9:00 pm Qualify 9 mins plus one lap
9:15 pm Race 1 for 20 mins
9:45 pm qualify 9 mins plus one lap
10:00 pm Race 2 for 60 mins (mandatory pit stop)
Server Name: ASSETTOSIMRACING.CO.NZ server A (98% track grip and climbing)

Password: ASRNZ 2019
Note: 11 rounds with 10 rounds counting to your overall championship points ie drop your worst round .
TC Allowed - NO
ABS Allowed -NONE
Stability Allowed - NO
AutoClutch Allowed - NO
Damage Multiplier - 50%
Track Start Grip level - 99%
Fuel Rate - 100%
Tire Wear Rate - 100%
Tire Selection- S/SS,
Tire Blankets Allowed - NO
Qualifying Format - 9 minutes plus 1 lap
Race Format - 1 x 20 & 1 x 60 minutes plus 1 lap
Race 1 time of day -11:30 am
Race 2 time of day - 4:30 pm
Race time multiplier x 4 times
Warmup - 90 seconds
Start Type - Standing
Jump Start - Drive Thru
NO RESTARTS - Once the lights have gone out its Real !!
PLP - Pit Lane Penalty - MUST BE ON
Contact crashes - READDRESS POLICY (No bump and run!)
Causing Crashes at the start of a race will be held accountable
Full Details in drivers brief

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 4

Postby race control » Sat Mar 02, 2019 10:59 am

Race Control Decisions for Round 3

Race 1:
Cut on Fastest Lap:
Drivers: Owen W - Sit out qualifying Race 1 in Round 4

Contact with other cars:
Incident 1. Turn 1 first lap involving Jeff B, Nic McIndoe and Luke Crompton - After much discussion this was deemed a racing incident as all parties played a role. All drivers are reminded to be aware of the position of the cars around them and to leave racing room. Also to consider when to back out of a situation. Live to fight another day.

Incident 2. Turn 2 first lap involving Luke Crompton, Aztec and Kenny. Unsafe re-entry by Luke Crompton with no redress. 20 second penalty for unsafe re-entry with an addition 20 second penalty for not redressing. Total 40 seconds added to race time.

Incident 3. Turn 2 during race contact involving Aaron E and Aztec. 15 second penalty for Aaron E for not leaving sufficient racing room forcing another car off the track.

Race 2:
Cut on Fastest Lap:

Contact with other cars:

Multiple incidents: Bdog forcing Beargrillz off the track on first lap, Bdog contact with Farmer first lap resulting in another car being forced of the road. Unsafe re-enrty by Bdog resulting in contact with Kenny during race resulting in retirement of Kenny. For these incidents Bdog will start both races in round 4 from pitlane and may only leave pitlane once the final car is clear of the pit exit.

Speeding in Pit Lane
: 5 second penalty added to race time for the offending drivers:
Drivers: , Owen, Nigel

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 4

Postby nosebleednZ » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:27 am

Question for Admins in regards to turn 8 (fast right hand-er)

Are we going to be implementing rule in which the car in front get the run into the corner?

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 4

Postby Jarqus » Mon Mar 04, 2019 3:35 pm

I believe the rule for any corner, the car that is behind (even if very slightly ) at the breaking point,must give way. As for sidebyside I would say inside line has right of way.

It's going to be an interesting race around here, the way the cars react to the bumps, and the walls. Good luck

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 4

Postby race control » Mon Mar 04, 2019 7:18 pm

It has come to our attention that the vast majority of members do know the identity of some race control panel members. However race control must remind you that no discussion is permissible around the subject of race penalties directly to these members as for their own protection. There is a protest or private message rout to go through via the forum. Should you have a grievance or would like to discuss an incident all members are to utilise this channel. The task of race control is voluntary, time consuming and at no point are these decisions made by only one person.

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 4

Postby steveo » Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:24 am

All the best tonight everyone .welcome to the new members make them feel welcome race clean and hard , have fun ,so looking forward to see the stream with how your nights racing goes.

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 4

Postby paps » Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:49 pm

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 4

Postby AGV65 » Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:10 am

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