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Postby steveo » Fri Mar 15, 2019 7:32 pm

Delete earlier version as new mod released 24/1/19
Mod link.!ytUk3IgI!ov6CgQM821rm ... vzQOf9lpBE
Skins .!uwkzkApS!cYA9EWZzhlPh ... lPz18rTfyc
PLP app upated 1/02/19 delete old version and install new version.!KVN1wa4D!ynGRAoEsMZ9q ... fmaWyh8pfM

EVENT :Round 6 : 22/03/19 Melbourne!jV1mBQAT!pLCbuPN-cqHS ... yUIiYEjCUo
(download updated 16-March-2019 - adjusted pitlane)

8:00 pm NZ time Official Practice 55mins
8:55 pm drivers brief
9:00 pm Qualify 9 mins plus one lap
9:15 pm Race 1 for 20 mins
9:45 pm qualify 9 mins plus one lap
10:00 pm Race 2 for 60 mins (mandatory pit stop)
Server Name: ASSETTOSIMRACING.CO.NZ server A (98% track grip and climbing)

Password: ASRNZ 2019
Note: 11 rounds with 10 rounds counting to your overall championship points ie drop your worst round .
TC Allowed - NO
ABS Allowed -NONE
Stability Allowed - NO
AutoClutch Allowed - NO
Damage Multiplier - 50%
Track Start Grip level - 99%
Fuel Rate - 100%
Tire Wear Rate - 170%
Tire Selection- S/SS,
Tire Blankets Allowed - NO
Qualifying Format - 9 minutes plus 1 lap
Race Format - 1 x 20 & 1 x 60 minutes plus 1 lap
Race 1 time of day -11:30 am
Race 2 time of day - 4:30 pm
Race time multiplier x 4 times
Warmup - 90 seconds
Start Type - Standing
Jump Start - Drive Thru
NO RESTARTS - Once the lights have gone out its Real !!
PLP - Pit Lane Penalty - MUST BE ON
Contact crashes - READDRESS POLICY (No bump and run!)
Causing Crashes at the start of a race will be held accountable
Full Details in drivers brief

race control
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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby race control » Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:32 pm


Race 1. Qualifying - Nil

Race 1. Race - Nil

Race 2. Qualifying - Nil

Race 2. Race - Driver: Racingmule - Ignoring PLP drive through - DNF.

ASRNZ Pit Lane Penalty (PLP) Rules:
Any member who does not have the app installed will not receive a result. DNF.
Any member ignoring a PLP drive-thru will receive a DNF.

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby steveo » Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:32 am

For those getting check sums please redownload the track the pit was fixed .6:30 last night.
Also there was only 26 grid slots this week so please post if you cant make it or if you can and you have been on the server and found that you dont have your correct skin please let me know as i may off removed you.

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby Jarqus » Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:12 am

I'll be back for the race on the 4th of april, so you can remove me until then

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby nosebleednZ » Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:28 am

I'll be out for a few rounds . Cher. Luke.

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby robdog » Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:30 pm

Can't make it again tonight guys, too much happening at the moment. Will try for next week.

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby AGV65 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:26 pm

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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby Racingmule » Fri Mar 22, 2019 6:09 pm

Thanks Ash :D
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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby NZL JB » Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:22 pm

It’s been awhile since doing a race review, I always loved reading the drivers take from the round, and how they went. Do I thought I’d kick it off again with my own.

Race 1 Melbourne GP 20min
Felt going into the round I had good pace and was confident I could be somewhere in the top 5. I did however start to get a bit nervous as frames started dropping as more guys turned up. Worked out by turning off my tyres app it went much better. Had a great start, and cleanly got away behind josh and Nic. Almost put myself into the side of Nic out breaking myself into turn 12, took a lap to get tyres temp up. Settled in for some quick laps 1:53’s chasing Nic with Jeffro hot on my heels. The battle seesawing but managed to hold onto 3rd place with a worrying 4 cuts going into the hr long race.

Race 2 60mins.
Didn’t QF as good this time and but with a long race thought I’d just play it safe. Ross has a great jump into P1 well done!! This is one race I’ll remember as 110% full on concentration where if you made the tiny mistake it would cost you. I couldn’t believe it when I saw josh spun out, thinking “that never happens “ and charged on behind Jeffro and Ross Macca.
Jeffro made the tiny mistake allowing me to get by just before the pits. Josh has caught back up and him and Jeffro both pitted and I was forced to go one more. Managed to come back out just in front of josh but with cold tyres I had nothing! We some how had also jumped Ross Macca, not sure if he was hurt staying out longer? Then had to drive the car as straight and fast as possible with Jeffro keeping the pressure on. It was so hard mentally and physically to maintain that concentration for everyone on those laps. Jeffro, mate that was a great drive!! Loved it.
Was fun with the lapped cars. Everyone did a great job. A few dodgy moments tho spiced things up around the back markers.
4 PLPs was more than enough to get ya nervous, so had to manage that too. Tough track for the ol PLP that one.
Ended up 2nd and just held off Jeffro and Macca. Sorry to those that watch the stream, it appears the boost mobile and redbull sponsoring department must have had a back hand deal going with the camera crews, lol.

Congratulations josh!! Again great recovery drive race 2. Amazing pace as always. Jeffro, Nic and Ross, thanks for the good hard clean racing. Really really enjoyed that one, stuff like that keeps me coming back.


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Re: 2019 V8 SUPERCARS RD 6

Postby AGV65 » Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:56 pm

Good post JB. I also enjoyed reading about peoples race night. As for me race 1, I managed to avoid the turn 1 incident but then found myself in the middle of a big gap and drove around by myself. However was happy with 7th.

Race 2. I lost a few spots at the start (being cautious as always) with Aztec putting a good move around Farmer and myself. I got by Farmer when he lifted to clear a cut and spent until the pit stops behind Aztec. Somehow managed to jump Aztec in the pit stops and managed to bring it home in 6th ahead of a fast finishing Nic.

All in all a good night for an "old bloke". :lol:

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