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1. Race Control / Enquiry Process

1.1 Obtaining Evidence

Race Control is a volunteer group and cannot review every driver’s entire race, so if you do have an incident that you’d like to get looked at – the onus is on you to report the incident to Race Control. Refer to 1.3 for instructions.

1.2 Licence Points

Each driver has 20 licence points for a season.

You may be penalised 1, 2 or 3 points depending on the severity of the incident in which you have been found guilty of causing.

All lap 1 incidents are worth DOUBLE points.

After you accrue 10 licence points you will receive a qualifying ban for the next round (if Sprint round, it will be for both qualifying sessions)

If you lose all 20 points during a season, you will be required to appear before an Admin/Race Control panel to show cause why they should not receive a race ban.

Driver Points reset at the end of the season.

1.2.4 - Amended
While it is impossible to have a rule to cover every scenario Race Control works under the following guidlines.

A-If an incident on track is redressed and the innocent driver does not loose any positions - no position penalties will be applied, however Race Control has the discretion to impose a licence point/s penalty on the driver judged at fault.

B- If an incident on track is redressed and the innocent driver does loose position in the race, the guilty driver will be assessed a licence point/s penalty and they will also receive a matching place penalty – Eg. If you finish 4th and receive 2 licence points, you’ll be classified down two further positions from where you finished and now be classified 6th.

C-If an incident on track is not redressed, the offending driver will be assessed a licence points/s penalty and will also incur a time penalty equivalent to a drive through specific to the track at which the incident occurred.

1.2.5 - Clarification of the redress rule.

If you cause an incident it must be redressed as soon as possible in a safe manner ie: slow down off the racing line and wait so as not to impede other drivers. You must wait for the other driver no matter how long it takes. Stop off track if necessary. If the other driver retires from the race before a redress can be achieved, you may carry on and the matter will be dealt with post race.


Breaking pit lane entry and exit lines rules will still see a time penalty of 5 seconds imposed.

Race Control are mainly looking to penalise incidents that involve ruining someone else’s race or significantly impacting someone else’s race.

1.3 Sending Incident Report

To send through an incident report, please do the following:

Send a direct message to Race Control via direct message on the forum. Members of Race Control are not to be contacted directly. Please always review the incident on the replay first and provide a time stamp.

Any incidents that are reported, must be submitted by midnight on the Friday night following the race. Penalties can be appealed via a direct message to Race Control. The appeal will be judged by a panel of Admins with submissions from Race Control and the penalised driver. Appeals must be lodged within 24 hours of the Race Control post for the round on the Forum.

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